The Value of Adding Insulation Services to the Attic


Attic Insulation is one of the best ways to cut energy expenses and make your environmentally friendly. Adding insulation to the attic is one of the easiest ways to modify a home’s climate management for any season. By properly insulating your attic, not only will you be able to stop air from departing the house, but you will also be able to block air from the outside from entering.

Enhances the Energy-Saving Capabilities of Your Home

The significance of insulation in a home’s ability to keep wanted air inside while keeping undesirable air outside is important. Not only does this contribute to increased comfort, but it also improves overall efficiency. Home comfort control can account for anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of a household’s total energy consumption. With such a high percentage, every little amount of air that is lost brings the overall efficiency down.

Saves Money

When there is a lack of waste, there is room for savings! The better insulated your home is, the less your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system needs to operate continuously to bring warm or cool air to every part of the house. The less air that escapes via cracks and crevices that are not properly insulated, the more money you will have in your bank account.

Enhances the Quality of the Air

You may prevent pollutant-laden air from entering your home and seal off all of the holes and fissures that would otherwise let outside air in by using insulation. Before they can make their way down the steps and into your lungs, dust, filth, allergies, and even mold spores will be halted in their tracks and prevented from entering your lungs.

Deters Pests

Insulation that is pest resistant can prevent unwanted pests from moving into your attic and establishing habitats there.

If your insulation is old, it’s possible that bugs have already made a home in it. Animal feces, decomposing animals, and waste products all present a potential threat to human health in this environment. If you want to keep harmful toxins out of your home, you should think about having the existing insulation replaced.

Ensures the Structural Integrity of your Home

It is possible to prevent structural damage to your home by properly insulating the attic space. It stops any moisture from penetrating your home and damaging the framing and the walls of the structure. The increased temperature in your attic can cause snow to melt on your roof during the winter, which can subsequently result in the formation of ice dams. Ice dams and moisture problems can cause major damage to your home, particularly the roof, which requires expensive repairs. You can save yourself quite a few hassles in the future by air sealing and properly insulating your home. If you discover moisture or dampness in your attic, there may be a problem with the insulation in your home.

Makes your home cozier and more comfortable

As was noted before, insulation is a significant factor in determining how comfortable your home remains. If you don’t have it, the temperature inside your house will be higher in the summer and lower in the winter. If the home does not have adequate insulation, there is a good chance that warm or cool air will escape, regardless of how recently the HVAC system was installed. It is also possible that the temperatures in different areas of the home will not be the same, which might be stressful on the thermostat.

Creates a Useful Space in Your Loft or Attic

Do you only put things in storage in your attic because it’s either too hot or too cold to do anything else up there? The attic’s roof deck can experience intense heat, so installing spray foam insulation there will helps to lessen that.

After completing this phase, you can turn the attic into a family room, a playroom, or an additional bedroom. You may convert this once-unpleasant storage space into a room that you can use and enjoy, which will also add value to your home.

Extends the Lifespan of the Roof

You should take very good care of your roof because it represents a significant financial investment. Insulation helps cut down on moisture buildup, which can lead to damage, mold, or warping, all of which put the structural integrity of your roof in jeopardy. Insulation also helps save money.

Final Thoughts

Your home will stay warmer on days when it’s a little colder outside and cooler throughout the summer thanks to your new insulation. You will undoubtedly discover that using energy-efficient insulation can help you save some money.

Are you prepared to reclaim your home’s comfort while making some financial savings? Call Blue Horizon Service Pro right now to speak with an expert about how to accomplish both of those tasks without putting any effort on your behalf. Allow us to handle the labor-intensive job so you can enjoy the results when they’re achieved!