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Blue Horizon Remodeling Pro is a Building Contractor San Antonio providing construction services throughout San Antonio, Texas. All of your construction demands are our priority. Every project is manageable for us to handle. We strive to exceed all expectations and build relationships to last!

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Our mission at Blue Horizon Service Pro is to deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects in a timely manner. Our customer-based processes are focused on communication, reliability and quality results and providing all kinds of services for the clients at remodeling homes. Here is more on what this General Contractor San Antonio and Remodeling San Antonio, TX service is all about:

Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio

Building Contractor San Antonio, TX Services

Kitchen Remodeling

It begins with the company’s years of expertise in managing kitchen remodeling projects. Each client is going to come up with a unique set of requirements and that’s what makes it fun. It requires delicate design work, precise coordination, and a willingness to work hard for the kitchen to look perfect to match your needs!

Kitchen Remodeling project using top quality cabinets all solid wood in any style and design from over 100 different styles and colors from the most traditional look to the most modern style. huge selection of countertops granite in all level’s quartz and marble. it’s all about finding the right combination to create your vision and ensuring it is well-constructed.

When our team goes to work, the quality is never going to be in question. This is the beauty of choosing a trusted contractor that has the ability to stand in time to make dreams come true. Whatever it is the design process or the actual remodeling progress, we are able to ensure the final results will be more than expected! exactly like the way you want them to be!

We also provide 3D designs that can help you reach the perfect results and help you with visualizing the design process.

Yes! We work with the biggest stores in the industry! And we have a local showroom, so customers are able to see and choose all the materials and colors and actually touch the materials before the process begins.

Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio
Bathroom Remodeling San Antonio

Bathroom Remodeling

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Are you looking for the best remodeling expert for the job? Well, you have come to the right place. Blue Horizon Service Pro should be your first choice when it comes to remodeling your bathroom.

Servicing the greater San Antonio, you’re in for a good treat. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your bathroom remodel.

At Blue Horizon Remodeling Pro, we have the best tiler crews with years of experience making sure to put attention to small details and perfect cuts, clean lines, and modern design. using any kind of tile/porcelain/marble for your decision.

We will make the process very easy, fast, and done professionally. We have accounts in many big box stores so you can choose the tile from, at Blue Horizon Remodel Pro we will help you with the design project and will explain the process step by step to help you create the shower that you dreamed of!

Yes! You can show us a picture of a shower that you like from the highest-end design to the simple ones, and we can do the exact same for you.

Room Additions

We have the experience needed to build the addition of your dreams. As a leading room addition contractor we pride ourselves on the amount of experience we possess. In fact, we have many years of combined experience and have worked on many projects. We have handled everything.

You always want to deal with a highly experienced contractor. It means you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll be getting the room addition you want. Here at Blue Horizon Service Pro, the experience we have shown in the work we do and, in the relationships, we have with past and current customers who continue to use us when they want to add a room addition to their property. If it’s an office, master bedroom, playground, or just a sunroom.

At Blue Horizon Remodel Pro, we work with the best engineers following the structure and design plans, using our highly skilled and experienced concrete and framing crews pulling the right permits making sure everything gets done right and by code.

We will make the process simple and fun for you guaranteeing great prices with great quality of work.

At Blue Horizon Remodel Pro, we are fully licensed and insured and registered with the city of San Antonio. don’t wait call us today!

General Contractor San Antonio
Foundation Contractor San Antonio


Are you thinking about replacing your roof? Does your home need a new roof? Do you need to do some repairs or maintenance on your roof? shingles or metal? That’s a great question.

Our roofing crew is very professional guaranteeing best results with the least amount of time. satisfaction is guaranteed . Our crew has more than 15 years of experience in the roofing industry. we will deliver the best result using the best materials for you.


These companies are able to work with cellulose insulation, and alternative to traditional fiberglass. This can be blown in, a type of loose fill insulation, or it can be densely packed into your floors and walls. Wet spray cellulose is another option, one that is both a sound and thermal retardant. These professionals should also work with traditional insulation, weatherization materials, and spray foam insulation which can be put directly into preformed walls. There will likely be several businesses that specialize in all of these areas.

Building Contractor San Antonio, TX

There are several strategies that you can use to get the best contractor to help you with any type of painting job that you have. You can go with a recommendation from a friend or colleague that has recently used one in your area. Another possibility is that you may find them online. Sometimes there are comments or testimonials that have been provided. Additionally, you may find them through social media, individuals talking about, and posting about, their house or commercial structure that has recently been painted. Instead of searching for one, you may want to consider simply calling Blue Horizon Service Pro.

Foundation Contractor

For most people building a home is often a once in a lifetime investment, and that is why it is very important to see that it is built with proper attention to planning and quality. It requires that the foundation on which the home rests be the best and always remain in flawless condition. This can be ensured by having the foundation work originally carried out by an experienced and professional company following the architectural plans and the city code. From pear and beam foundation to concrete we do it all.

Discover How To Choose The Best Local Deck Contractor

Creating an incredible outdoor space for your home can add significantly to its enjoyment. A spectacular deck can raise the value of the home and give a great space for entertaining and relaxing. Although this part of the home can become one of the most spectacular spaces the home has. We will follow your dream and need to help you create the best chilling deck using the best wood options for you from staining to paint. We will build the perfect deck for you.

The Best Flooring Contractor Tile/Laminate/Carpet/Vinyl

Are you thinking about installing new floors in your home? Are you torn between laminate, tile, carpet, and vinyl flooring? We can help! you need to know the benefits of each flooring type and choose the best flooring contractor and material to fit your home needs if its tile/porcelain/laminate/carpet/ luxury vinyl planks We are flooring Pros! We will explain what needs to be done by looking at the sub floor and advising what will be the best options for your flooring.

At Blue Horizon Remodeling Pro, we work fast and clean, delivering the best flooring installation in San Antonio. we will advise how to make flooring installation easy and yes! You can stay home during the process 😉

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