Creating Your Dream Deck

Expanding your outdoor living area, boosting your home’s worth, and improving its look can be achieved through deck installation. However, developing a custom design could be challenging, especially without prior experience. But fret not, San Antonio’s deck firm, Blue Horizon Remodeling, can simplify the creation of your ideal deck. Here, we’ll talk about the merits of creating a dream deck, why choosing Blue Horizon, design phases, materials, and upkeep.

Benefits of Creating Your Dream Deck

The installation of a deck yields a multitude of advantages. It furnishes supplementary outdoor living quarters, intensifies the property’s value, and elevates curb appeal. The following are the crucial benefits of adding a deck to your residence:

Expanded outdoor living area: A deck furnishes an additional spacer for outdoor living, which is especially valuable if your house is diminutive or the backyard needs to be in use. This can be utilized for hosting events, barbecues or merely to unwind and bask in the sun.

Heightened home value: Adding a deck can amplify the value of your abode, resulting in a wise investment. As per a Remodeling Magazine study, a wooden deck appended to your property can recover up to 72% of the cost when you sell your house.

Ameliorated curb appeal: A well-designed and well-maintained deck elevates your residence’s curb appeal, rendering it more alluring to potential buyers if you intend to sell your property.

Better functionality: A deck can enhance the functionality of your outdoor space by providing a designated zone for outdoor activities. This area can be used for outdoor dining or as a play area for children.

Personalization: Adding a deck increases your outdoor living space and allows for the customization of your outdoor space to suit your unique demands and preferences. Moreover, you can select the deck’s size, shape, and style to create an ideal area for you and your family.

Overaaddingn a deck to your residence has myriad benefits in terms of functionality and home value. This reasonable investment can augment your home’s charm and provide years of pleasure.

Why Choose Blue Horizon Remodeling For Creating Your Dream Deck?

San Antonio’s preeminent deck builders, Blue Horizon Remodeling, are renowned for their years of experience in high-quality deck construction and design and their superior customer service. By partnering with Blue Horizon Remodeling, you can guarantee that consummate professionals will build and design your deck to the utmost standards. Rest easy and enjoy peace of mind, knowing you’re in good hands.

Blue Horizon Remodeling boasts a highly skilled team of artisans and designers capable of crafting bespoke deck designs tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Furthermore, they are receptive to your input and will proffer expert guidance to create an optimal functional and visually appealing design.

Blue Horizon Remodeling possesses unparalleled knowledge and experience. Furthermore, it is committed to utilizing only the best quality materials in its deck construction endeavors. Specifically, their materials of choice consist of premium-grade wood and composite decking, engineered to endure for many years with proper care and upkeep.

The Design Process

The design process to craft your ideal deck with Blue Horizon Remodeling is a breeze. You’ll schedule a consultation with a seasoned designer to discuss your ideas, needs, and budget. The designer will offer suggestions and customize a design just for you.

After finalizing the design, Blue Horizon Remodeling will acquire the necessary permits and start construction. They’ll keep you updated throughout the process and handle all the details, including access, inspections, and clean-up.

Material Options

Blue Horizon Remodeling provides many options for deck construction, including wood, composite decking, and metal. However, each material has its benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, choosing the best material for your deck depends on your requirements and financial resources.

Wood decks are preferred as they’re affordable, widely accessible, and easy to work with. But, they need constant upkeep like sealing and cleaning to prevent harm from humidity, pests, and other factors.

Composite decking, consisting of wood fibers and recycled plastic, is a durable, low-maintenance option. It’s obtainable in various colors and styles and resistant to rotting, fading, and warping. Although it’s costlier than wood, it can endure up to 25 years or more with proper maintenance.

Metal decks, such as steel or aluminum, are robust and long-lasting. They resist pests, rotting, and fire, making them ideal for homeowners who prefer low-maintenance decks. Nevertheless, they might be more expensive than wood or composite decking and less visually appealing.

The adept team at Blue Horizon Remodeling will guide you in selecting the ideal material for your deck, considering your specific requirements and desires. Additionally, they will advise and recommend, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Maintenance and Care

Proper upkeep and care are crucial to ensure your deck’s optimal longevity. Fortunately, Blue Horizon Remodeling offers an array of warranty and maintenance options to help preserve your deck’s pristine condition.

Regular cleansing is essential in preventing harmful debris, moisture, and dirt from compromising your deck’s integrity. With Blue Horizon Remodeling’s professional cleaning services, you can safeguard your deck’s beauty and durability.

Deck sealing is also imperative in mitigating UV damage and moisture infiltration. Blue Horizon Remodeling offers exceptional sealing services to fortify your deck’s longevity and aesthetic appeal.

In addition, Blue Horizon Remodeling grants a warranty for its quality and materials to alleviate any concerns. If any deck-related predicaments arise, their team will tackle them with promptness and efficiency.


Blue Horizon Remodeling is San Antonio‘s premier deck company, offering stress-free and easy deck creation. Moreover, their expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment to quality ensure they design and construct decks to the highest standards. Whether you prefer wood, composite, or metal, their team will assist you in selecting the best material for your needs and budget. Don’t wait any longer to create your dream deck. Contact Blue Horizon Remodeling today!